Monday, February 24, 2014

LED bulb save more for your lighting

LED bulbs have many advantages over other types of bulbs, with one of the biggest being that they have a much longer life span than any other type of light bulb. However, LED bulbs, like every other bulb, will eventually burn out. When this happens, the process of changing the bulb is relatively simple to do.

Basically the manufacturers of LED bulbs have seen the future, and moving forwards the drive to reduce energy costs is going to mean that the majority of people are going to want to purchase nothing other than LED bulbs. This is because an LED bulb only uses 15 to 20% of the amount of electricity that a conventional light bulb does.

Candle shaped 3watt LED example.
The price of a 3 watt LED candle is approx. £15. The electricity fees over the life span of the LED bulb work out at £13.50. This leaves a total lifetime expense of £28.50.

This LED candle light bulb gives approximately the analogous lumens light output to a 25 watt traditional light bulb. An everyday bulb will have a lifetime of anywhere around1000 hours.

At 30 pence for each candle bulb then the cost of 30 equates to £24. To operate the candle light bulb for 30k hours costs £112.50. For 30000 hours this indicates that the traditional light bulb would have a total operating cost of £136.50.

The answer is a saving of a massive £108 by means of the purchase of the 3w LED candle bulb over the life of the bulb. This means that through the purchase of the LED candle bulb a huge saving of £108 is accrued over its lifespan.

Also when it comes to light quality, the latest LED bulbs give out a light that looks just the same color as traditional light bulbs do, meaning that you have very little excuse indeed not to buy one the next time it comes to replacing a bulb in your house. anty881209wong 140224


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